Sahara High Fire (Cone 5-6) Glazes -- LEAD FREE

Sahara High Fire Glazes produce interesting effects when

fired in reduction as well as in oxidation and are compounded

to match porcelain and stoneware bodies.

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HF-14 Oatmeal was used

to decorate this teapot.

Celadon High Fire Transparent Gloss (Cone 5-6) Glazes


NEW!  18 transparent gloss glazes that beautifully

highlight surface texture and are 100% mixable.

Celadon Transparent Gloss

Celebration High Fire (HF)

Potter’s Choice (PC)

Sahara High Fire (HF)

Shino Gloss and Matte High Fire (SH)

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All swatches courtesy of Amaco, Alligator and Spectrum. Mayco Glazes Coming Soon!


Vase glazed with

Celadon C-56 Lavender.

Celebration High Fire (Cone 5-6) Glazes -- LEAD FREE

Bright and pastel glazes for stoneware that are as colorful as earthenware glazes.

Dinnerware set created by Tracy Gamble and glazed

with various Celebration colors.

Potters Choice High Fire (Cone 5-6) Glazes -- Lead Free

4 NEW COLORS!!!   AMACO® Potter's Choice glazes achieve the effects of Cone 10 reduction without the need for a reduction

gas kiln or firing to high temperatures.

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Todd Pletcher, Goshen, IN used PC-53 Ancient Jasper

and PC-20 Blue Rutile on

these cups and vessel.

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Shino High Fire (Cone 5-6) Glazes -- LEAD FREE

Influenced by the humble earthiness of tea ceremony bowls, Amaco’s Shino glazes give a traditional high-iron look to any high fire clay body. Beautiful on textured or smooth clay bodies, blendable to get the right degree of matte or glossy surface. Shino glazes can also be layered with the PC line of glazes for different effects.

• Heavy Iron reduction look in oxidation • Suitable for Red or White Clay •

Blendable to get gloss or matte variations • Food safe • Cone 5

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